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Welcome to our Group!

June prompt: WATER

(FREE) the ocean is calling by DidTheSqd

As we jump right into Summer, why not play with some water? ^^


.:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-Chiu all media as long as it follows the theme (traditional, digital, literature, crafts, etc)
.:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-Chiu old or new art (preferably not too old)

Submit your pieces to the monthly folder
WATER June Prompt

Awareness of the Arts

Our annual collaborative contest.
Dadline: June 30th 2017

Awareness of the Arts: JourneyWe are down to our last 15 days, so I hope you are finishing up your entries! We still have two artists looking for writers, if you are interested in a last minute entry! YOU HAVE TILL JUNE 30TH TO GET YOUR ENTRIES INTO OUR:
It's Here!

The Third Annual Awareness of the Arts Contest
Remember The Theme for This Year is: Journey
*update April 18th* new prize package and more points added!
*update April 24th* commission added to 1st place!
*update May the 4th be with you* There is no registration cut off for this contest. You can sign up until the last day of the contest as long as you get your entries in by midnight EST! Just know there will be NO time Extensions!
*update May 5th* 500 :points: total added to prizes!
Also the

Current featured deviant


Girl (Breath of spring) by lazy-brush

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May Feature Part 1Hello! :iconlualady: for OurDreamsWillCome here!
Our monthly feature includes:
Part 1:
 Monthly theme participation
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Now, let's begin!!!

MAy THEME: sketches and studies

June THEME: water
As we jump right into Summer, whi not play with some water? ^^

Accepted art:
 all media as long as it follows the theme
(traditional, digital, literature, crafts, etc)
 old or new art
(preferably not too old)
May Feature Part 2Hello! :iconlualady: for OurDreamsWillCome here!
Our monthly feature includes:
Part 1:
 Monthly theme participation
 Deviant of the month
 News and articles from our members and affiliates
Part 2:
 Monthly highlights
Now, let's begin!!!


Elephant Rainbows - Watercolors by ColaChu Spring Inspiration by irbi-art

Haveagreatdaybluedropshadow by Amarantheans
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Hello, and welcome to OurDreamsWillCome. Here we would like to encourage you to create. We accept any form of art/literature as long as it adhears to our rules. We have monthly prompts to get you out of your head and just make something for the sake of making it. We also have a feature journal written by our wonderful co-founder LualaDy, to help you showcase your art. We hope you enjoy being a part of OurDreamsWillCome!

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  • Please don't be a bully or harass others. (You will recive one warning then be dropped from the group)
  • No extreme violence, tasteless nudes or sex. (Admins have full control over what is considered extreme and tasteless)(You will recive three warnings then be dropped from the group)
  • Everyone will be limited to 5 entries per day. (though it is not required to submit that many)
  • You must be a member to submit art.

That is it! So go create and show us what you have got!

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Oh, by the way we now have our own Donation Page! Should you wish to donate points you may donate them here: OurDreamsWillComedon! We will use all points donated to host contests and events in our group as well as co-hosting Next Years Awareness of the Arts Contest with sister group CollaborativeMinds.







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As the founder I am really excited to get new members and my note box is open and happy to hear from all of you!
Here I just want to see more stuff! I love everything that all of you submit! I just love to encorage all of you to do all you can and hopefully one day Our Dreams Will Come!

Feel free to meet the admins in the About Us tab and know one of our co-founders is really our donation page! We love donations because we will be able to have more contests soon yay!

This is a group that is for everyone who loves everything! I want you to post till your hearts content.

Welcome to :iconourdreamswillcome:! Icon made by Amarantheans


Hello everyone, I am your co-founder LualaDy.
I manage the gallery, the features and group activities.
I am also the most available admin in this group, so if you have any questions or requests feel free to note me, I will always try to answer!
Theme and activity suggestions are always welcome.

I wish you an excellent time here <3
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Art Creation

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A Feature

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 22, 2017, 4:33 PM

Recently MagicalJoey held an Anthology Contest (Her second annual one). There were many entrants, you can find them all here.

Now, for the winners:

1st Place
toxicology // anthology"you can't hear your heart pumping,
you can only hear the doors closing."

nightshade and hemlock
they had opened a window to the storm.
it rained the day she
stepped foot inside a clearing,
vertigo and photophobia
the portrait of twilight sleep.
solana, there goes the next.
she turned at the sound. looked
all around, at nothing but
found nothing but earth and the
roots against her skin
                                  and then
the belladonna singing in her sweet, venom voice—
    blind as a bat, red as a beet,
    hot as a hare, dry as a bone

she scrambled to her feet.
    mad as a hatter, bloated as a toad
impossible, impossible;
she fell to her knees.
    and the heart runs alone
through rime-coated double vision
were her own
crooked fingers reaching for dark dusty berries
imprisoned behind the serrated lea

Throughout their gallery you will find many mediums of art and literature.

rubble and ruststones crumbled to dust
in the aftershock static
pierce tear-stained skin and
ash-streaked ribcages, leaving
eyes without hope nor magic
water like sapphires by PatchworkLynx So used to darkness,I was blinded.
The sunshine,
I remember
our laughter,
so delighted.
Just playing
in the grass,
in the fantasy
of childhood.
I was searching.
The pale moon,
a silver glow.
I endured the
cutting wind,
atop the hill.
Unsure who
I ought to be,
feeling empty
and all alone.
I was struggling.
The weak flame,
dimly burning.
I used scraps
of torn cloth,
and a needle.
As if stitches
did anything,
holding until
it tears again.
I was weeping.
The night sky,
billions of stars.
I'd forgotten
how to love,
and be alive.
Though the
world slept,
I refused to
close my eyes.

2nd Place
Heartbeats and Held Breath - an AnthologyThe Dead Sparks
The ghost hollows of morning slip away from me
– one knot at a time – the breathing weighs so heavy.
I stretch myself transparent,
while the sky trembles from sighs of angels – from the noise of answers
you failed to give.
And there I discover the dead sparks, the husks of our music –
all lonely notes of smoke and bitter endings, and the relief that comes from deserting the ashes.
The Words That Never Come
How many bones must I swallow,
how many ghosts must I drink,
before the taste of you recedes
with the tide’s heartbeat – cruel and brutal –
pounding cobwebs against the shores of our memories?
The moonlight washes your footprints away,
and I am left alone – standing in the wake of your storm –
waiting, waiting, waiting
for the words I need the most – the words that never come.
Like Starlight
He smells of varnish and sweat and tobacco –
her dress is ink – his tie pistachio

You can find a variety of beauty in this deviant's account.

Ghostly Willow by inkedacrylicSunspots by inkedacrylicFlowers by inkedacrylic

3rd Place
Space Odyssey: An AnthologySpace Travel
Speeding faster than light,
Planets and satellites blur completely
Amidst the black nothingness,
Creating a pocket through time,
Escaping into the depths of space.
Tirelessly, we journey on,
Riding space-time
As we venture in our spaceship,
Velocity a universal constant,
Each moment in solitary comfort
Lingering between us.
You look at me and give a smile,
for we have traveled quite awhile
in this spaceship, faster than light;
you give the lead, I guide the flight.
I take the yoke so nervously,
afraid that I am not ready
as we zoom quickly out of sight;
you give the lead, I guide the flight.
You see that I am insecure,
but me you softly reassure:
To tour the stars is my birthright;
you give the lead, I guide the flight.
Onto the launch pad, we ascend; trembling heartbeats hastening,
our virgin voyage into space, the experience exciting;
both of us timid

A kind deviant with many talents.

Cashmere by OneWithTheStarsNorthern Lights by OneWithTheStars AilingThe health care/medical field
is the only business where
employee health is destroyed
improving others’.

Honorable Mention
A Cold 12-pack - A Poetry AnthologyI wrote a poem for a dear friend who is Dutch. This was my first attempt to write something in her language. Then I recalled the poetry anthology contest, and thought that I should do some other poems, all related to the word “cold”.  What follows is a dozen haiku all describing something cold.  As anthologies usually have little descriptions from the author, I have taken the liberty of doing that here, in the mode of one of my favorite authors, Isaac Asimov.
So, off we go to the Netherlands, sitting on the beach looking out to the North Sea…
Koude Dag op het Strand
(Chilly Day at the Beach)

een koude zeewind
comfortabel in mijn jas
Ik mensen kijken
a cold sea breeze
all comfy in my jacket
I peoplewatch
I am a bit more familiar with Spanish, but frequently found that what I wanted to say resulted in too many syllables.  So, I did the next one in the form of a conversation between a grandmother and her grand

Poetry, humor, and romance, much abound.

ZombeachDriving down the interstate
Forgot the last time I ate
Singing Margaritaville and minding my own
There's a wreck up ahead
The road’s littered with the dead
So glad that I’d left the zombified zone
I stopped my car to check for any food
I was so hungry I tripped over a dude
There's a fatal infection so you better beware
No more aches and pains
Just a hunger for brains
So remember to take care
On zombeach, somewhere
I circled the smoking crash
Trying to find their stash
Hoping to eat for a fortnight or two
I saw some bottles and cans
The answer to all my plans
Started packing it up just like I always do
But from out of nowhere, a good looking girl
Her sexy smile put my brain in a whirl
That’s no place to go if you want to stay free of the undead rot
The gooey miasma
And sucking down plasma
The deathly pallor you got
On zombeach
She seemed uninfected
No wounds I detected
I thought it okay just to give her a kiss
She thanked
Dragonboat Race Renga 16-2: Silent Speakingwordless
a touch is all I have
for now

Photosynthesiscarbon dioxide
and water, six of each - plants,
powered by the sun,
give us life's necessities
in oxygen and sugar

Thanks to everyone who participated this year, I hope she will have even more next year! 

Please help support the literature community here on DA, we need all the help we can get! 


Skin by UszatyArbuz
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